She sings of depth perception in my viewing lens. She watches as her cigarette bounces in the rain. There’s sadness in her eyes, and untold fire in her belly, and I imagine her lying next to me, sprinkling secrets on my pillow. The shades drawn, she’s hidden in my arms. Soundless shapes, eclipsed by highways plunged into darkness. Trace the seeds of my destruction in the curves of her hips. Kissing symbols on her neck, my hands dictate the acts that follow. They make dreams reality when so many are dreamless. Flowers and bracelets. Black stockings and patterns on her dress. A body that drives me wild. A mind that fascinates and frightens. The sublime horrors of two forces colliding. All my life, I’ve been sowing the seeds of our destruction. For only when we explode, will we ever find release. Write me a poem, and place it on my lips. Strip me naked, and do what you want with me. Get drunk on passion, and lose yourself in its alcoholic daze. Surrender to the one who desires you from afar. Paralyzed no longer, float with all your broken dreams to a place outside of memory and time. Sanity gone, just go with the flow. This is where love begins. When you break apart, I’ll be there to make you feel alive again. When you’re sinking in the sands of despair, I’ll be there to give you meaning. The age of a new beginning. The days of exploration. Physical believers, always seeking another high. If you could see through my eyes, you’d glimpse the wonders of what you are. You’d see angels and demons, slipping in and out. Plucking feathers from thin air, there’d be no words left to find. I’ll be the plague, and you be my whore. You’re the one who makes me itch; who dances in my mind every second of the day. Heartbreaker. So silent and wild like a storm in distant space. Be my terror. Take me any way you want. Take me to the brink, and show me how you feel. Dive into madness, and never look back. Burst my bubble, and I’ll burst yours. Dig your fingers into my flesh and take a bite. Chew me up. Spit me out. Swallow me like your favourite wine. Let me grow in you. Let me fill you up until you can’t take it anymore. Dissolving lovers. Obliterated and breathless. Come now, and show me all that you are. Touch faith. Close your eyes. Shut them tight.

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