Tell Me What You See Inside



When you tear away from what you don’t need, let me know what you see inside. Picking scabs just won’t do. Peel back all of your flesh and let me in. Let me catch a glimpse of the secrets you keep so well hidden. Eclipsed by misery no longer, give me a chance to take you in my arms. You’re a woman, and I’m a machine. A big, bad machine. One that seeks perversion and truth. Show me all of your fears. Show me your bones. Let me seduce you. Let me reduce you. These eyes need what they want, and what they want is you. Oh, you sultry girl, so sad and cute on the cusp of discovery. All those dreams, suffocated by useless fear. Dainty and delicate, like a flower in love with the moon. Bending under starlight because of things far beyond your control. Forces outside of your reach. Just let go, and drift with the leaves as they scatter across lonesome streets. Flicker like the flame of a candle. Whatever you want is fine by me. However you want it is good enough. Cutting throats of ghosts, those days should be left far behind. Deny the deceivers, and isolate anything that brings you harm. What’s the point in keeping hold of things that cause you pain. Just let go and breathe in the euphoria of release. Sink your teeth into my neck. Take off my clothes. Push me down and do your thing. Sing a song to make me yours. Speak some words to bring me around. And we all come around in the end. Despite what is shown, there is nothing we can’t do. Despite the strangeness of our lives, there is nothing we can’t achieve. Give yourself to me, and never look back. Just gaze up at the stars, and wish yourself away. I’ll never let go. And I’ll never look back.

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