Are You Awake?


All those freaks. Those fucked up losers trying to cling to things that aren’t even there. Lost and weak. Heads full of stupid ideas. Hearts full of love with nowhere to go. Always fearful. Always regretting what can’t be undone. So many mistakes. So many wrong turns. But where’s the fun in fitting in? Where’s the point of being bland and normal? All those useless souls, drifting in cities of dark glass. Cold and alone, they shiver behind empty smiles. Empty like buildings, and empty like broken promises. Sometimes footsteps sometimes words. It slips through your fingers, and it slips around your waist like my tired, wanting hands. Beauty in perfection just won’t do. It comes in the way you shine so shyly. It comes like the passing of a season. In the darkened streets of our town, we understand what it feels like to be found again. Smoke a cigarette and watch the children play. Know that inside, the madness of the kid you once were is still alive. Don’t let the adult world drag you down. Kick it in the face and be stupid all you want. Love the ones that make you happy. Let go of everyone else. Play games in cold October, for romance keeps us warm. It links us to the stars that have been dead for millions upon millions of years. Drink a little whiskey, and fly like Peter Pan through the clouds at night. Find someone that makes you feel alive. Let them light the spark of desire. Let them in, and keep them close. Don’t be cruel, just be open. A little truth and a whole lot of devotion. Just a simple guy. Just another lonely plague lover, swimming in a sea of creation. There’s more than this, but you have to see with open eyes. You have to reach out and touch what makes you feel alive. Who can say where we belong? Who can say where the future will take us? Right now, let’s come together and share these brief moments of existence. I want to feel you in my arms. I want to hide in your mind and never come out. Leave the crowd behind and embrace a vision like no other. In a time of evil and indifference, make a stand for who, and what, you want. If it runs through your veins, then it must be worth fighting for. Are you awake? I hope you are.

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