Eternal Sunshine

That moment when someone steps into your life and completely overwhelms you. You tried building a wall to keep others out but then along pops a soul who breaks through the barriers with ease. You tried to make yourself out of stone, but she came along and made you melt like a snowman beneath a boiling sun. From the moment you first saw her, you felt yourself smile for the first time in months. That true smile. The genuine kind that can’t be forced. The kind that comes from within. You’re still only strangers, but there’s a connection between the two of you that goes beyond what is known. There’s something about her that makes you feel alive. There’s something in the way she moves; it makes you want to know all of her secrets. So gentle and sincere, she has all the grace in the world. Like a butterfly, she makes you look at her with wonder. She’s got spice in her for sure, but there’s something tender in her gaze that makes you want her with all you have. She blushes as you approach. She makes your stomach tie itself in knots. There’s magic in the way you engage. It happens so fast, but these feelings can’t be denied. You want to take her in your arms and drift someplace safe. To a place far away from harm. You want to taste who she is. To lose yourself in the sweetness of her embrace; it’s madness, but it always is when it’s for real. She’s in your blood. She’s dancing within your mind. The one you’ve been waiting for. All these years, there’s always been someone just out of reach. Others come and go. They give, and they take. And then appears one who reduces you to a giddy kid. It can’t be put into words. It just isn’t possible. She’s more than poetry. More than just a collection of words. She’s eternity in a sunrise. A language of beauty that will never be deciphered. The missing piece of a puzzle. This isn’t a full stop. It’s the start of something more. A journey that has no destination. Burning meteors, so brilliant and amazing in the endless darkness.

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