River Man

Buildings around her throat. Tunnels drowned with perfumed leaves. Biscuit tins. Cars on the freeway moving like fireflies in the distance. Cracked ice. Dreams dispersing with the coming of day. Sunlight on stubble. Rain on windows. Sliding down then vanishing as if they never existed at all. English countryside. Bus journeys through forests. Fresh morning air and memories. Shadows in the corner of your mind where those figures in the sand still exist. Billions of tiny rocks. Clumped together in the shape of mundane castles. Yesterday I was born. Cold December faces like a series of patchwork images. Seventeenth century France. Medieval love in the Spring. Clusters of stars spiralling towards a black hole. Supermassive supernatural lovers floating over the moors singing songs of love and death. Timeless moments. Images of mirrored reflections. Paintings regarding stained souls. Hidden out of sight. Buried in speechless journals. Mirages on the cusp of discovery. Intimacy. Numerical lies. Smiling faces as the river man walks through secret gardens long since dissolved in the back of our minds. Leaves underfoot. Squirrels and magpies. Badgers and snails. All the animals quietly resting. Faithful servants to those who always remember. At the end of the pier, someone watches from a thousand miles away. They look in the water and try so hard to find what once was. They hypnotize themselves so foolishly in the echoes of passing feelings. Eternal sunshine. Life as a dream. Flowers in a ceramic vase. Patterns in religious text. Cemetery gates at the calling of dawn. Piper as a fool. Blankets to keep away winter teeth. A pianist in the midst of some great maze. Breadcrumbs eaten by starlings. Larks tongue in Autumn deceiver. Minotaur by the side of a willow tree. Apples and oranges in her hand. Pyramids tumbling down my spine. Secrets scribbled on paper. Signatures carved into ice. Ruins of childhood nightmares. Sometimes all that can be done is to just go with the flow. No plans. No grand designs. Like flux we fuck. We cling and we kiss. Lovers dancing in the big unknown. The universe in each and every atom. God in every cell. Out of control, and beyond what we will ever really know.

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