Step Into The Sun


Larks tongue in silhouette. Smouldering looks as the moon hangs high above. Tip toe through willow trees. Man as monster. As imposter. In the valley of dolls the weak will cling with empty devotion. They’ll melt in the face of infinity. She sings in cycles of seven. She sleeps with clouds so soft and unspoken. Life sways and hearts wither, yet she blossoms in the blink of an eye. The mysteries of the seas. Secrets falling so heavy like the rain outside your window. So many songs that have no sounds. So many words that slip between your fingers. It was there that I saw you. It was there that the days of past and future echoes collided. When it means something, the moment will come. When it’s time, the chains will break. So many useless feelings left by the side of the road. Shivering like black eyed dogs, they’ll wander until there’s nowhere left for them to go. We search for meaning. We long to discover what lies beneath. On the other side, our intent is kept out of reach. We try so hard to let our feelings be known yet we get stuck on the unimportant stuff. So many obstacles. So much junk. Just let go. Be free of the weeds that try to pull you beneath the surface. Be free of the shame others smear upon your flesh. Let them disappear into limbo. Let them burn in the fires they fan with murderous passion. In the end we all travel the same path. We all become stars once more. Within and without, we are beautiful even if we don’t know it. And the beauty of understanding is so powerful. It’s the most sensual thing of all. Knowing our footsteps. Understanding our decisions. Awareness in an age of deadened belief. The will to see clearly when everything else is blurred. No god but god. No mistakes, only pieces of a puzzle infinite in its majesty.

Rise and shine. Hallow be thy name. The ticking of a clock in the dark of a midnight hour. Between her and me, the animals turn in quarter circles. Picking seeds from holy soil, we search the undergrowth for clues. Our design, replicated in the trees. The deepest oceans, and how they appear in the black holes of her eyes. Losing touch. Losing the grip we hold on ourselves when no grip is required at all. Birds follow the light. They sing to the bells of a church at the breaking of dawn. Symbols of a great depression. Shapes that pass between us when we do our thing. So many vigilantes. So many angry souls that just fade into nothing. You were young, you were against the world. No boundaries just pure vision. Then you settled for mediocrity. Money and a job. Brainless cells with little to offer but obedience and regret. Avoiding suspicion is not something you should ever covet. Seek disapproval. Relish perversion. Revel in every dirty sneer. Ordinary is resigned to the depths of yesterday. Forgotten about like the weather. It comes and goes. It brings passing feelings and leaves no mark. Carve yourself into my heart. Cut into the fabric of modernity and destroy all that you deem fit. Sail away on a steel breeze. Forever is now. It calls your name in a language unknown. Yellow sky behind your head. Orange smile from ear to ear. Restless so limbless as the tower awaits us on our endless journey. All beams lead to him. All truths so tangible as the animals wait for our return as we prepare to step into the sun.

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