Drunken Collaboration

Witches cackle around their cauldrons 

Wind blows cold bringing nothing but desolation 

Stale tea stained breath beneath my pillow 

Shallow hearts disappearing on every street corner 

Etched faces in trees reminiscing of what was once mine 

Everything’s eventual like the dimming of a star 

Blind are those who see but not who hear 

Builders of routine doomed to repeat 

Lifeless souls simmer beyond the horizon 

Losers over hero’s more real than celebrity immolation 

Patriotic saints worshipping thrones rather than ages 

People cease rather than seek the hurtful truth 

Crawl to the night for the light never guides you through 

Cauterize all wounds and banish all faults 

Salt rusted lips anchoring love 

Seasons of moonchilds calling for mothers lost touch 

Suckling bosom tied in hands of corsetry 

Saliva drips steady ready for the falling of bombs 

Rescue noble youths for the honoured hours disperse 

Repent for all those days that left without us knowing 

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