Don’t subscribe to self help. Never listen to advice from shit eating smiles. There are no easy to follow steps. Guidance is useless, the only way is to walk through the fire. It will hurt. There’s no lie in the truth. You’ll do it alone. You were born alone, and you’ll die it too. They’ll be others, but it’s your own bag of bones that will do the business. Only you can come through the storm that rages within your mind. So many turbulent days will pass. Maybe years if it comes to it. Numb cycles will flow without recognition. Places will fade as you go through the motions unaware of just how much you have fallen. There used to be magic, but somehow it got behind you. Somehow you changed without even recognizing it. Fire and wine no longer, you became a displaced shadow just floating through the tedium of organized misery. And that’s all it is. Repetition. Acts performed with no understanding of the beauty that can conquer all. Take a moment to breathe. Stop what you’re doing and see the world for what it really is. Space and time. They’re not really there. The atoms that make us, just an illusion. Atoms consist of barely anything. This is all just a dream. Every memory you cherish, just a fleeting glimpse in a bubble ready to burst. The here and now of our imaginary lives. Fear is a man made predicament. It’s something that should hold no power. Shredded nerves come from heightened awareness. Awareness itself just a cry for help at not knowing what to do next. Realism a curse and a joy. The trick is to juggle the two just right. Love every second of what you have. Realise that you may never see your lovers face again. Yet know there are many other worlds. This is not a full stop. These days are just a mirage. 

Smell the coffee and cigarettes. Taste the stale wine and shame. Blink away the sleep in your eyes and see where you want to be. You’re not defined by your job. You wont be remembered for your money. It’s all about taking those chances and finding the secrets you craved for so hard as a child. Childhood is the key. Nothing after matters. It’s in your early years when all great discoveries were made. It’s in the all seeing eye. The belief of magic. Adulthood strips it away. You’re told that money is the answer, and only money can set you free. Yet money binds. It holds you to the grave. Dead before you even got started. Crippled by possession and blinded by your own sense of importance. Pity the fools that get wrapped up in self worship. Self importance is a bore. It’s like a movie on TV with no direction. Walk in the snow and lose yourself in the madness of what it is to be here. Lose yourself in the idea that we are everywhere at the same time. There’s no past and present. No future and forgotten times. We live inside a dream. We exist wherever we want. Numbers decrease as we know the meaning of symbols. Piss on your banks. Piss on your cities. Praise instead the painters who point the way to all those things that lie hidden behind the sun. Poetry. Madness. Danger. Stir them up and watch them dissolve every boundary that you used to hold dear. There’s no reason to hold it back. No reason whatsoever to become a statue when the universe is flux. Be wild. Destroy the safety others cling to like an oxygen mask. There’s no helping the non believers, there’s no saving the dim followers. Look closer and be eternal. Levitate out of a dark hole, then shine a light on the mysteries you kept hidden for so long. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I had a profound experience that it’s very hard for me to put words to express it. It shattered everything, literally everything I thought I knew or thought “the truth”.

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