The Downward Spiral


Inescapable like fate. Immovable like a mountain. Climbing a church spire and smoking until it hurts your lungs. So much vision and wonder. So many places never to be known. All those lowly insects. All that passion in the back seats of a million burnt out cars. Damned by the touch of all those you’ll never know. The horrors of love. The agony of failure. It drips from your wide open mouth. It echoes in the chambers of your weary heart. Hunger. Devotion. Forgotten dreams at the alter. Buried like a family pet. Everything dies, and not just once. The shores bring solace. They cast aside the stains of humanity. Wish me in you, and never let me go. Ripping the wings off butterflies, an earthquake makes you tremble in the dead of night. Cold sweats as the curtains flutter with all that could have been. Fingers around your throat. Hands between your legs searching so greedily for the truth of your tainted faith. Deadlights. Alpha waves. The screams of nature at the end of a pier. A Ferris wheel burning against the moon. Pawn shops full of dildos. Repelled virginity. Cheap booze and mudslides. Pull out my teeth, cut out my tongue. Drug fuelled adventures leading only to suicide. Cracked windscreens from bricks flung by empty souls. They loom on the brink of obscurity. They outnumber the living. Sexual advances in the blink of your third eye. Blindness in the other two. Junky head lice on your pillow. The Holy Bible. Untethered madness. Spinning plates on broomsticks while lovers erase themselves in the shower. Razor blades on the side of the sink. The pages of this book known only to imaginary friends. They blow like the wind. They remain hidden like cats in the night. It’s been said before, but I can’t remember a thing. These layers of hell bring only disdain and loss. Mausoleum skin rash. Skulls shattered beneath ballet shoes. Everything is everything. From downward spirals to tax evasion. From bone machines to the calling of mass. Put a muzzle on me. Silence my hatred. Douse my viscera in milk

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