They go wild like a clock that never speaks. They cry at the moon when the words always fail. Pioneers of something wonderful and mute. Show me the way to all things resolute. Obey me. Praise my hollow bones on a dirt pile made of patience and joy. So many pretty faces. So much lipstick. That dress you wear sickens my tired heart. It makes me want to rip out your guts. Straight into my heart, the reasons for leaving are always obscure. The make believe of my deranged soul. The horrors of concealed fears. Overweight. Lonely. Burning like a tramp in the underground realms the likes of which we will never know. Locked inside our fraught bodies, we’re always in love with shadows. The scent of dying stars upon your neck, there’s nothing tender about desperation. Time escapes. It taunts as the changing days fall by the wayside. Seasons passing with distrust, this feeling will always remain. Resist no longer. Drop the pretences. Circle my hands as they search for meaning where none will ever be found. Smoking whilst looking at angels, my insides melt at all the love I have ever felt. There’s no end to the wonders that pump through my heart. They’ll never leave. You’re more a part of me than I am of myself.

Swinging by the neon shore, there’s only waiting to worry about. Sinking unheard in the air, there’s only ghosts to keep you company. Friends lie dead in car crashes. They curl up cold through the poison ink in their veins. The beat of damaged beliefs. Savage cunts chomping for all they can get. Strange spaghetti in this silent city. Confusion as she undresses so pale beneath a thirsty moon. The beat of this absent drum. The pain of a billion stars breathless in a cruel vacuum. All that scum scrapped off in the zero possibility of space. Place your head next to mine and laugh at every useless thing. It’s so fucking stupid it’s absurd. The madness of indiscipline. The chance of saving all those lost days. Finger the passage of time and listen carefully to what happens. The birth of thought. The battle of inside and out. Hotel rooms basked in golden glory. Bang those drums and taste the melting asphalt. Islands in the blink of an eye. Orion’s Belt upon your plump belly. Hide it from me no longer. Horses replace whores as long as the right signs are in use. Spanish lizards can’t touch me. Red like sex. Unwind your spine and place it in my hands. Pucker up and kiss times great hand. They shine for us and us alone. Dance like a nebula. Fade away like it meant almost nothing.

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