Born to Die


Black holes and tranquillity. The gravitational pull of thighs. Those slices of time always out of reach. Bridges from my illness to yours. Prise open my chest and stuff it full of virtual highs. Cocaine on dollar bills. Bulimia down the back of the sofa along with a thousand black roses. All that space between the specks of dust that contain all of our dismal sighs. Eternity doesn’t exist, yet suspended in your embrace, it delays the inevitable. Gravity pulls us together, just like the winter. Where does the universe go whilst we sleep at night? Where does our love disappear to when we lose sight of what it means to stand alone? The more I see the more I’m on the verge of imploding. Not balanced, not whatsoever. The universe propels me to some place beyond the limits of our understanding. The way you lift up your dress. The way you degrade and serenade the cheapness of ringworm and dark energy. Reality dissolves with every cigarette. Burn bright and die hard. The illusion of time. It doesn’t fool me. I exist in all realms. Never forgotten. Always and never the same. The cycle of repetitive motion. The rising sun. The swing of a pendulum. Thousandths of a second delivered with nauseating reliability. I dance without shame. This body just a vehicle for disease. My soul far stronger. It trembles with joy at the magic at our fingertips.  I will, even when you wont. Be what you want. Born to die. Islands of impossible faith. We lose all the time, yet time is just a link in an endless chain. Leave it. Be something more. Travel back to me. Find me how I used to be. I’m still here, just a boy waiting for your touch. Just a miracle of chance. No grand design, only a passing feeling. On the shores of discovery, a new beginning begs to be praised. Bow down to her. Worship birth. Raise your hands to a girl so gorgeous. Elements beyond our grasp. Beauty so perfect. It’s so perfect in the fall. Born to die. Born to try in a universe that preaches nothingness. Exist against failure. Shine against darkness. Rust in my blood. The drums of heaven in the shadows of your smile. Milk white teeth, glistening beneath the strings of your guitar.

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