Eyes crystallized with misspent youth. The lull of sleep when living proves too much. Some kind of sun kissed memory. Some kind of lover beneath bridges between past and future faith. Cold October evenings. Fresh paint in childhood bedrooms. Spider on the wall as a red lampshade sends me to sleep. The scent of peace, of innocent discovery. Alcohol saved me. It made me into a shadow. Pine trees say goodbye. Snow where we once stood. Embracing beneath concrete, we made patterns that still existed weeks later. The love of the fall. The burning desire of two lost souls. Sedated with envy. Numb from too many wrong turns. Neon god on the corner of where you used to live. Cats come crawling. They come creeping in from the rain. Words. They give and they take. Cautious and unknown, they deliver me a freedom unlike any other. Timeless time. Curled before the heater, Sunday evenings were a heartbeat away from nostalgia even at such a young age. Oceans threatened yet never touched the prodigal son. Anxiety walking dogs. Falling fast with another hangover, a chorus of muted sighs takes me to another place. Bedsheets so soft, there’s no other place I’d rather be save for in the heart of a black hole. Destruction is king. Pain my key. Be my door. Do whatever. 

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