They tell me to take drugs, but my eyes are already open. My mind is an obsolete machine, it serves no other purpose than to eat all that it deems fit. Brunettes between the chair and the bed. Tight thighs and patterns in the sand. Wreck those relics of porn and bury your fears beneath weeping chestnut trees. There’s no need to be afraid any more. The future is in the palm of your hand, and all you have to do is pick up that digital pen and write. Bow down to the one you serve. Obey Dionysus. Drink until you’re blind. Walk the quarry until you can see without eyes. Fuck to the sound of church bells. Sniff dust covered books and praise the pain that made you what you are today. Cans of beer placed in a pentagram as we strip naked to the voices of destroyed worlds. They come to us from distant galaxies. Gasoline and black holes as my fingers circle your sex. The charred remains of old relationships. Weeds grow on them and deliver life once again. Animals in the forest, how they chased you as the moon cast you in its nocturnal beauty. Shapeless shapes as the veins in my cock tightened like a hangman’s noose. Extinction painted pretty. King cigarette on the the corner of pointless streets. Inject me. Infect me. Disappear here. Go to a place where you feel at one with the sun. No more no less. Strings of discipline from town to future city. In a hospital bed she bled. In a field of corn I’ll taste the scent of her hair once more. This is not an exit. It’s a portal to all we want to achieve.

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