What scares me most; the horrors of the outside world, or what’s inside my head. They’re both pretty damned to be fair. Bad things happen to good people, but it should never be a reason to stop before you’ve even begun. Just because the path you’re walking is an unusual one, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be walked. Who’s to say how a life should be led. Who’s to say how you should live when this is the only chance we get in a universe growing colder by the minute. Give your love to someone worth your heart. Keep going with those dreams that have gripped you for so many years. Time doesn’t matter; it’s just a means to an end. I’ve always been with you, and I’ll never leave. These humdrum places, they’ll never match the fire in my belly. The faces that pass me by, they’ll never touch me, they don’t mean a thing. I’m so close to breaking the ice. So close to doing something that will smash apart every part of me that no longer deserves to exist. This is not a nether world. This is now. We might be nowhere, but sometime soon, we’ll be everywhere. Carved into a million arms and upon all those curious tongues, we’ll be swimming with the angels just like we deserve. All we have to do is keep moving. Away from the grave and towards the sun, born again while others cling to possessions. Let go. Do your thing, and leave them all behind.

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