Words of love, loss and emptiness from my dear friend of twenty years. Jeez, that’s a long ol’ time.

jimmi campkin

I wandered lonely as a beer can on a railway line today, around an empty town.  I sat and read my book at a deserted station, propped up against old wood and pigeon muck, long legs stretching across both platforms.  The sun peeked at my face but seemed preoccupied with other things.  Walking across an empty square of grass, water shooting up from a fountain to herald the arrival of a heartbeat, strange music playing from a huge screen above me – the image of a man with a moustache staring down, looking like a man with closets full of bones and mischief.  Ill-be-gotten gains.  Master cheek.

Into the art gallery, past rows of silence and barriers.  Into the strange cave, filled with bubble gum and women doing handstands, legs splayed and birth sac balloons.  I’m not sure I understand it, but I love the oppressive atmosphere – feeling that…

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