One Of Your Own


Godless like a blowjob on the outskirts of a dirty town. Smeared mirrors on stained walls. A father kills his daughter. Breaks her teeth then tries to glue them back in. Throttled and betrayed. Purchased like cattle, and then slaughtered through ugliness. We the people, so dirty on the inside. Dress it up the best you can, but there’s no escaping these bland shells of nowhere. Not a victim. Just a leech. Pig killers drowning in saliva. She takes my money and smiles wanting more. Big cute eyes. A body sound in the grip of my massive hands. Dancing in the ruins, the engine of the convertible growls as she sucks on a cigarette. One after the other. Doomed to self-destruct. Sweetness to the devil as he awaits our return. Whiteness. Virginal. Fresh blankets ready for the inevitable death of summer. A mob of the damned slash away at a helpless woman. Hands bound and mouth gagged, she’s an offering to a lack of faith. A monolith of absence, their hands caress hollow limbs. Knives in her belly. The body is elsewhere. It is nothing more than a memory. Somebody’s daughter, somebody’s son. Hands like flowers with teeth. Her sex is a portal to manic depression. Bipolar on the sofa. These afternoons blend into twilight so easily. Hardly alive as the blanket smothers my illness, birds sit on the windowsill watching my demise. Sunlight into moonlight. Bleached skin and slices of life. She was one of your own, as am I. We are all children of a heartless age. We are all evaporating like yet another dream.

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