Ice Breaker

The kid lies half in the gutter, half in the road. A blanket covers his kicked in face. A cigarette perched between my lip and finger, there’s only selfish thanks that it’s him and not me. Traffic clogs the dirty streets. An ambulance struggles to reach him like my desires battle against flesh. Blood and spiders. Short skirts to quell several broken vertebra. He’s pissed himself whilst they laugh at his crumpled face. The ginger hair doesn’t help either. A cemetery watches with indifference. Cracked pavements. The sense of accomplishment lovers have of not being alone. They disappear within each others lies, afraid of seeing who they really are. Give me a future where I’m neither tied to guilt nor greed. Build me a road to a place where nothing can interrupt my dreams. Temptress with flesh ready for hanging. Young today, but just like your mum tomorrow. Beauty is and isn’t. It pleases when ripe, but with decay, you’re on your own. You’re sinking like you never even knew it. Just a kid blowing fire. Just a freak afraid of his own shadow. The alcohol gives him drive. Solitude king of all. Flowers unbecoming at the foot of her forgotten grave. Fields of corn whilst she lays back dreaming of fate. Through the thick and thin with a gun in your hand, you’ll always be thinking of him. Two lost souls. A dance of broken hearts in two worlds caught between a game of chance. Not a measure of risk, just a path without choice. This is how it is. If you don’t like it, you know where to go. There’s no escaping dreams, and there’s no preventing the harshest of odds. Mistakes breed revolt. Failure giving birth to what it means to be alive. Break the chains that bind to doubt. Expel the faithless. Make love to witches. See me as I am. Read the scars. Eat the pain. All I am is all you’ll never be. Breathe. Destroy. And destroy even more.

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