The Fall



All avenues between our smoke filled mouths cast aside. Beer then whiskey as rain pisses down in the streets we walked as students. Clouds and trees and endless cars. Sadness a drug as you wrap your body in a tight city dress. Those legs in black stockings. Those breasts beneath the image of a tiger. Despite the nausea swelling within, all I wanted to do was nail you. Leaves in the gutter. Trash as we walked from bar to bar in search of the truth. Painters and writers and lazy believers of a future forever bound to the past. Wine while we eat our sushi all loved up and seven sheets to the howling wind. Darkness down paths we were never meant to walk. Kisses in the glare of drunken lights, and shedding skin like the fire in our burning hearts. Hands around your hips as the night disappears; such scenes can make a weak man sway. We don’t identify with others. We escape their gaze through the maze of introspection. We get lost within, in places they’ll never find us. It’s happened before, and now it’s happening again. Ageless like the scent of summer; like your perfume on the collar of my coat. My lips on yours and the moon bathing us in the glow of murderous secrets. Slowly I lead you. Choose your distress, and brace yourself for a lonely ride. Reading books during weeks of boiling suns; it mirrors our romance in the fall. Hangovers and smeared lipstick. You pull the car over, and I puke until there’s nothing left but sunken love. The chemistry of our collision, never bettered and never repeated. Stairways leading to cellars of memories. Take a train pretty girl. Look in my eyes, and find the landscape of wonder and horror where we’ll play out our ritual act. Dancing to the sounds of Bowie, the music draws us away. I see your smile a million times brighter. The truth of who you are when no one else is looking. Intimacy in our fears, we escape into each others feelings. We heal our wounds with touch. So many years. So much hidden despair while the world turned regardless. No one will ever know where we went. They’ll never understand the shores we crept upon seeking something more. Look at our scars. See the hope that flows through our veins.

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