Phase (clair de lune)


These bodies that stink of coastal towns. Anal beads and ghastly flesh. She slithers like the moon whilst keeping her torrid secrets at bay. Fluids for sale cheaper than bones. Ancient books more valued than life. Steam escapes from beneath the streets and dances with us as we move invisibly from bar to bar. Drunk on shots of whiskey mixed with Japanese lager, there’s nothing that can come between us. Church bells and parking lots. Raised voices in the underpass where the homeless guy passes his time in anticipation of an early death. He froze to death years later whilst we fucked in a room without darkness. The moon between your thighs, I found the devil between your elbow and knee. Anxiety upon your neck, the sheets stained with youthful love as the rain collected in paint cans in the garden. Trains like bullets and lines of whatever as you drew me in then spat me out. Black stockings and volcanoes and the way you flashed those blood red gums in my weakest hour. Puking as you shaved your cunt, someone threw a cat out of a window but we were too destroyed to even notice. She looked French but it was on her mothers side. Exotic as the smoke from our cigarettes drifted through keyholes, there was never any reason to be afraid. No tomorrows, just a future without time. The best place to be is a place free of man. The constraints they abide by, so limiting and so small. All those lost vigilantes. Those minds that set themselves apart because of the dreams they cherish above all. It’s not about money, and it’s not about fear. It’s about love. Through the ugliness of depression and the terror of panic attacks, the feelings that flow through my veins can never be described. The sweet melancholy mixed with a thousand swaying ghosts can never be contained. The emotions of drinkers clogged up like hair down a plughole. The faith of great deceivers so pretty like self pity. It’s in the cats eyes that gaze back at me from the foot of the bed. Landscapes of sepia reflections. You never felt anything for me, yet my smile still shines so stupidly. Let the past burn, and make sure to grow strong in its ashes. Open up your chest, and smear what you see inside upon my lying lips. Just a kiss. Just a feeling that knows no bounds. Lunatics our saviours, let’s merge like planets upon your belly. Always creeping. Always breathing closer to the point of no return.

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