We are in control of all things


It’s in the way you sink into despair. Those blinding eyes of self pity that gaze back deep within the mirror. Self obsession. Self disgust. You’re a narcissist waiting to be rescued by your own reflection. A deluded soul in love with your own sense of worthless loss. We’ve been here before, and we’ll be here again. Your body will age. Flesh sagging. Not as firm. Not as ripe. You’ll put on weight, and the years will get behind you. Then where will you be? Will money save your mortal remains? It can’t buy you immortality, that’s for sure. You earn that through leaving things behind. The body is a cage, and it’s the soul we’re interested in. The universe made conscious. We don’t care for flesh, nor the regret of passing years. What we taste, is the lubricant of restless minds. Those who seek more than meets the eye. The lonely ones so distant. Shunned by a deadened society, they hide in the shadows waiting for moonlight to come show them the way. This hive of masturbaters, all they ever do is pleasure their boring little egos. How dumb can stardust get when the wonders of what we are can be found on the shores of earliest man. Handprints in caves. Spirits engraved into speechless stone. Those who adore machines. Those who delight in jobs and routines and the freedom of what it means to disappear into the horrors of academia. Fuck your love of plastic culture, and fuck the gravestones of plastic banality that call you home each and every day. We are the ones who will not be blamed for nothing. We are the ones in control of all things. We don’t need you, and we don’t need your visions of dead desire. It’s in the tears you cry at night. It’s in the silence you find in the lonely hours when you’re all alone. We live and die as passengers. No escaping our destination, and no avoiding the truths that speak to us as we toss and turn when sleep wont take us away. All you have to do is learn to let go. One by one your limitations will recede, and before you know it, you’ll be swimming in a sea of dreams. There’s only faith. Faith in the energy made visible that flows from our tortured hearts, and faith that one day, we will be reunited before all that we know is torn to pieces. Find me where I walk. Come speak to me those words that stay locked in your struggling heart. One day, we will rise. One moment in timeless time, we will become, everything.

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