Don’t Be Afraid


In an orchid of kissing particles, the sun bathes me in its sepia glow, though I’m undeserving of such enlightenment. Digging deeper still, there’s no way out except for down. Faces long since disappeared, the truth is somewhere far away. It calls my name so quietly in the dead of night. It haunts my days as the secrets it contains drives me to the brink of madness. Deeper and deeper it wants me to go, further and further into the darkness that I escaped from so many years before. The journey is known to no one. The strangeness of beauty always caught unaware. Childlike hands and smiles that clutch at clothes dissolving into sand. Afraid of the one that resides inside. Smell yourself, and know your bones. Nobody broke your heart. It doesn’t need taping back together, it just needs a little fresh air and the taste of something sweet. Do what you want. Be what you need to be. This life is worth more than mere pretty faces and social delicacies. It demands respect, so stop pretending you’re the same as everyone else. You can’t fool me, and you can’t fool yourself. That job can’t hide the stains on your weary heart either. Those people you call friends, unable to smother the loneliness that seeps from your pale skin. The stillness in your eyes outshines them second to none. When I’m falling through the floor, think of me as you catch the stars. As the alcohol burns your insides, think of me as I seek divinity at the bottom of a well. Sipping whiskey, the city turns to darkened glass yet we all know what it means. The sidewalk speaks your name. It whispers truths you’d rather not hear, but it’s worth it in the end. Whatever hurts, makes us better. Wounds cleansed by self awareness. Everything joyful. Everything saved. Not yet awake, the years will make us into something special. If we trust in the seasons, they will change us into autumn leaves on the surface of an eternal lake. The world outside this bubble, we will never, ever know. For it’s only us, only us, and love.

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