Streets of a Silent City


They tried to cut me into pieces, but I wouldn’t let them. They tried to render me numb like a victim, but this mind of mine was never meant to be tied down. You think I’m only here, but I’m everywhere. Past and present sin. All those lovers that dance down all those lonely streets, drunk on the idea that love would save us. Yet love is only a question, the answers lie within. Flashing lights and snatching hands as your heart quickens at the mention of my name. The lines disappear, and one by one, your fears dribble from the corners of your pretty mouth. So small yet so welcoming, I never complained but then again, I never said a word. Everyone dances. Everyone floats. Between the layers that link us all to every single thing, I walk at all times with you forever in my heart. Absent lovers and half eaten corneas. They pick at me but it doesn’t really matter. She blinks blue eyes and walks like a brunette. She teases with what she’s got going on, but I’ve seen it all before. Tender sickness in the early mornings whilst alcohol sweats from my tired flesh. Headaches and hangovers as we speed down the freeway. There’s no gas in the tank, we’re just riding on fumes. The lights are on, but there’s no one home. Skipping between portals from womb to tomb as the songbird of my sister comes crashing through the door. No escaping these monsters, just an endless corridor of my dirty self chasing after your tasty girly parts. Breasts of carbon despair. Bite my face, and build a door within my skeletal chest. I’m not talking riddles. This is not a false pretence. Your face repels me. Your soul as nauseating as a deja vue. The old man walks with it twice in his left foot, and once in his right. Take off that dress, and shut your mouth. Spreading desires, and madness in our blood soaked hands. These feelings connect us, and even if I never see you again, we’ll always be together in every shadow that haunts the rest of dismal lives. No such thing as a lover. No such thing as a king. Serpent companion in crescent moon. Placing stones on sundials. Collect her smiles, and never let them go. We are already breathing in yesterday, and tomorrow is far too late. Entombed love. Life is not what you think it is. We are nowhere, and nowhere is howling at distant shorelines. Dust covered wheels, and the wandering hands of an older man who just can’t say no.

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