Right Here, We Are Forever



Walk with me. Embrace failure, and be something more. Echoes of lost love while we waste these useless days. If only we could skip to the end. If only we could bend time to our advantage. Don’t be afraid of being alone. We were born that way, and we’ll die it, too. Cling to those that bring you joy, yet never deny your own shadow. Everyone needs to walk their own road. Others come and go, but it’s you who needs to stand firm in the face of the big nothing that taunts from beginning to end. Breathe in the anxiety. There’s nothing to fear once you’ve made up your mind. The road is long, yet once you know where you’re going, nothing can stop you. It’s the perfect storm. It’s how it was always meant to be. It’s a daunting thought at first, yet as soon as you accept it, everything will fall into place. It’s the magic we’re after, not the design of another immaculate life. It’s in the beauty of your smile, and the wonders of your imagination. Climbing ladders won’t define you. It’s how much you’re willing to sacrifice to achieve what makes your heart burn like winter fire. Just a kid who’s scared of dying. Just a lonely soul begging not to be forgotten. So calm on the outside, yet desperately snatching at thin air. They think I’m in control, yet I’m on the brink of despair every day. Too worried to leave the house. Too anxious to speak to loved ones. Swallowing repeatedly as the hours tick away. This is how things used to be. Numb and drunk, the days skipped along so vacant. Somewhere between dead and daydreaming. The future died, but I’m trying hard to get it back. Things fell apart, but I’m doing my best to reclaim those days of fire. I fell so low, but words give me a reason to go on, they give me the power to chase those dreams. Some kind of vision where me and you can dance in each others arms despite the mess of the adult world getting in the way. The grass isn’t greener, it just looks that way from a distance. Stay exactly where you are. Believe in what you’re doing. The rest will follow.

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