In the moments that follow, my mind is elsewhere. In the months and years of uncertainty, sometimes you just can’t seem to find yourself. That youthful mind. That lucid voice. They were always somewhat lacking, and dulled into submission. As time passes, you lose sight of what you are. The magic that once made you great left to haunt like all those terrible ghosts. And the ghosts get beneath your skin. They infect, and before you know it, you’re half the man you used to be. Too much doubt, and not enough vision. Too much time spent listening to reason, and not enough time believing in the madness of creation. It’s simple, yet it takes it out of you. To find the right path has the ability to break you down. It reduces. Confuses. It leaves you weak. It leaves you empty. But the best things in life always do. Love and war, dancing together in a circle of singing larks. Bathed in dangerous moonlight, it’s the act we crave each and every day. And you’ve got to crave it with everything you have. With every breath of air in your lungs, you have to want it more and more. It’s not good enough holding back. It simply won’t do. Don’t be meek, be crazy. Take those shards of chaos in hand, and penetrate dim minds. Cut through tedium, and inject the world with a beautiful truth.

There’s no way of knowing where this will take you. Death is inevitable. We’ll all become stars again whether we like it or not. But before then, just imagine what wonders we have the ability to see. Just think of all that love, ready to be tasted in an instant. The days are waiting to be embraced with fire and wine. Lovers should be loved, not treated like furniture. This world can be heaven and hell. Agony and bliss, on either side of a fine line. It’s best to know both, as just knowing one means you’ll never really know what it feels like to be truly alive. Open your eyes, and see everything that’s out there. Open your heart, and take whatever comes its way. Speak the words you were meant to speak. Journey into the unknown. Take others with you- screaming if need be. They’ll be afraid at first, but once their eyes have been opened, they’ll never look back. Once the glory of freedom and love pumps within their hearts, they’ll crave it like I crave the dreams in my head. And those dreams, how giddy they make me feel. Swaying from side to side, I’m delirious. A rebirth of desire, shining like a child’s smile. Don’t fear. Just shine. Every second you can, with not one ounce of regret.

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  1. I am printing this out and sticking it next to my dressing table and I’m going to read it every morning. This is an amazingly deep and moving piece of writing and so so true. It’s like this had been written for me for right now so even though I know it wasn’t (at least not knowingly) thank you πŸ˜€

    We just need to be who we are and can be open ourselves up to joy and happiness because we are not here forever and what a waste to lose even a moment in misery.

    Thank you πŸ˜€

    • I’m genuinely touched that this piece means so much to you. I don’t think there’s anything in the world that could make me feel as good as I do right now. When someone else connects with something I’ve written in such a way, everything else just pales in comparison.

      I hope you are well, and if my words have touched you, then I am truly blessed πŸ™‚ x

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