War will bring us together, just like dead leaves that fall in the wind. Babies as the bombs drop, and the taste of fine wine whilst the destruction of life flickers in the background. Closer through chemistry. Mouthing prayers whilst turning down one darkened street after the other, you cry yourself to sleep but it’s of no concern. Relationships come and go. Lovers fading out of view. The meaning of our lives coming apart without ever thinking to turn back. The girl you used to be, now just another memory. The man I am, uninterested by the lives of those around him. Removing your dress, the bombs drop in time to the beat of your heart. Mushroom clouds and flowering vulva. High rise desperation so intoxicating, the stress of pretending overwhelming. Running like hell, the traffic smashes as you move disorientated by the news you can’t escape from. Birth and death hand in hand like the memories you have of innocence betrayed. Lighting a cigarette whilst bodies burn regardless, the soul can only take so much. It can only survive on what little faith there is left. Bloodied footsteps where once there was snow, empty factories as these criminal hands take what they want. The threads that link our love, and everything else in between. Angel come clean, and rest your head upon my shoulder. In fields of golden corn, we plant our obsessions. Skeletons and skulls as you decorate your face for someone who doesn’t care. They rage and pick apart the mysteries of death, then they fall in love and lose interest. Safety in the arms of another, they become estranged from who they claim to be. It gets them in the end, it always does. Once so beautiful, now just an empty relic. Bullets for your numbness. For the wastelands behind cold eyes.

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