Into the Night



It feels as if our love can never be, then one moment in a sea of missed opportunities, I look up at the sky and realise. I realise how long I’ll be dead for when the air in my lungs runs dry. When I’m gone, it’ll be forever, and forever is too long to keep holding on to useless words and empty threats. The silence comes from fear. The fear of being hurt, of opening yourself up and being left behind. The universe a silent witness to all the wonders we seem in no hurry to find. All those dreams that never came true. All those memories that will die along with you and I. The fabric of time leaves us cold, it pushes us further away even though we’re so close. These years we experience, so tiny in the nothingness that awaits. In the distance that stretches out before us, simplicity will always win. The poetry of our hearts, so brief in the gaze of eyes that grow dim without us even knowing. It’s the absurdity that drives us to lead lives with no purpose when the only purpose should be to cling to the magic that shines so faint in the vast ocean of galaxies that never speak. The only answers we need are in the early hours as we embrace. Two beating hearts, wrapped in blankets and desire. There’s something in our love that can never be described. It goes beyond science. It goes against all forms of rational thought. The laws we create- chains. The designs we worship- fruitless. There’s no need for any of this. It’s so meaningless, and yet we do it day after day. Leave it all behind. Turn your back on it, and give yourself to something you know that can’t be denied. No barriers. No structure. There’s only atoms and fire, swirling together creating a feeling you’ve felt since the very beginning. Take hold of my hand and fall. Fall, into the endless, raging night.

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  1. Love it, obviously. Amazing that you were watching Interstellar at the time of writing because I almost walked out of the cinema, basically embarrassed by the preposterous dialogue and predictable sentimental story…the photography was good, that’s the only good thing I can say about this film. Anyway, your writing on the other hand is as usual great 🙂 x

    • Thank you very much 🙂 I can understand your feelings about Interstellar. It’s definitely one of those Marmite movies, yet I personally quite like it. I think because I’ve always had a deep rooted fascination in the stars and the mysteries of the universe, I couldn’t help but be sucked in. It doesn’t hold a torch to 2001: A Space Odyssey though x

      • Yes, it badly wanted to be A space Odyssey and it was light years behind…I’ve always been fascinated by stars and the universe as well, hence why I loved the photography…but I’m just such a fussy bitch I suppose… and a film has lost me the moment it goes “predictable plot” and (worse than anything) dialogue that could have been written by a sentimental 14 year-old girl…anyway, it’s neither here nor there, after reading your writing tonight, I can say that Interstellar has redeemed itself somewhat 😉 x

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