You Know Who It Is


These delicate colours, far too chaotic to understand as the room spins out of my control. Too many faces spouting words that have no meaning. They sink their teeth in, they always do, yet when you need someone to help you through the night, they’ll have long since vanished. There’s snow outside on the sidewalk, and as the lovers raise their hands in delight, I spit at them for spoiling the moment. Sacred elements in slow motion, she unwraps the towel from her waist. Her hair wet from the shower she’s just taken, my lips meet hers as she sits before the vanity mirror. Watching her from the doorway, I admire the shape of her breasts, and when she sees me looking, I know from her reaction that it wont be long until our bodies collide. All that you’ve known, eroded like the relic of a long forgotten car crash by the side of the road. She reads a book with no pages, but I just shrug my shoulders. Determined to escape the all seeing eye, she does her best to bury herself in work, but none of it interests me. She goes to these bars where you can smell the scent of money stronger than any perfume, yet I just go outside and smoke, wishing for the four minute warning to bring an end to it all. She belongs to this coven, I’m sure of it. Somewhere on the outskirts of town you’ll find me. Kicking empty coke cans as the sun fades from view, the drone of traffic helps to block out these endless thoughts that never leave. Laying down next to me on the mattress, she complains that the moon is too bright through the open window, but it excites me to fuck her when her body appears so milk white. Sometimes, they tell me I’m losing my mind. It offends me that they think I had one to lose in the first place. Childhood madness so strong, I always have her just after she’s showered. That’s a rule of mine. The other is to not wear a watch. Time does not exist, at least, not for me.

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