All The Lovers


The view of ripened flesh blowing though cracked skulls. Signs of my illness, so readily found in the way her crumpled clothes sit on dust covered floorboards. Dancing and sometimes falling, we move beneath exploding fireworks free from restraint. Misty breath and fingers linked down town. Sky so dark as the oceans of tomorrow choke us like smoke, we move in and out of absent thought. All the lovers as a holy mosaic. All those eyes that cried to the lonesome night. We smile at the shame, and we praise the pain that makes us stronger. When things come apart, think of you and I in that bubble of cigarette smoke and moonlight by the side of the road. Think of the hours when the hours never existed. Sleeping like spoons, the seasons came and went as we discovered new ways of defying god. In the strands of your hair between my teeth, there’s a taste that I can’t name. A bottle of something sweet to ease off that dress. A look on your face to let me know it’s okay to hold you close. Black rain as we drive nowhere. Red with rage as these feelings destroy yet another mask, the rain comes down even harder. Barricades of a nauseating nature. The horizon so drunk, we glide as if it were nothing. Our faith wont lie. Our bodies wrapped around those shimmering lights, always positioned towards beacons that guided us to safety. Baby abacus between your breasts. Early mornings spent facing death. Those footsteps of dread that never seem to end, only they do. It’ll take as long as it takes, yet we know that one day, things will be just as we imagined. The mysteries of your tiny heart, beating fast against my chest. The flame that lets me know you’re okay as we brace the end. So much regret. So much sadness, but never give up your lover, even if it means walking the plank into a state of being that haunts you the most.

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