Darkly Dreaming You



All those roads that have been and gone. Those days that turned into weeks, and weeks that became months. The quiet hours, they take me back to places that cut to the bone. Empty rooms and silent faces outside the window. Before you know it, the romance is over, and all you can do is remember when it used to feel so good. We often run from what once made us smile, and we deny that it ever existed as if love only happened once. So many memories left to drown, and so much magic stubbed out like a cigarette on the side of a wall. As distant lights cast shadows on the ceiling, you remember how it made you feel, and with all you have, you try your hardest to cut the ties that bind. See me in the shadows. Feel my embrace as you stand in the shower unable to understand where everything went wrong. Those decisions that pick away. The churning sensation in your guts, and the way you shy from your reflection. The mirror lies, but not for you. Ignore the minds of others, and do what you feel is right. Chase the black dog away. Embrace that dirty word, and give yourself to something that has no financial worth. The soul goes beyond structure; you should know that by now. It listens only to beauty. The beauty of thought, of passion not hampered by the dreary shortcomings of what it is to be a 21st-century human. Don’t be afraid to collapse, because nothing of any merit came from keeping it all together. So many passing feelings left unanswered. So many words kept hidden through fear of rejection. Peel back your flesh. Prise open those bones. Show the world what lies beneath, and bask in the glory of the fall. This romance makes me suffer, but there’s no other way. It’s never given me anything other than heartache, but I wouldn’t swap it for all the money in the world. This path I’ve chosen, so lonesome beneath a blood red moon, but there’s no other place I’d rather be. Promise me you’ll never grow up, and promise me you’ll never give in. It’s raining, but it’s okay. It’s just okay.

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