Heaven or Las Vegas


You say it all. You say nothing. Horror in a glimpse of your body. Divine wonder as you open your eyes as if for the very first time. Flashing lights by the side of the road, you lose yourself in the gaze of a stranger. Life in the palm of your hand, you just throw it away without so much as a second thought. Carve our names into the trunk of a tree. Write words that help save ourselves from oblivion. Let me see your face and let me capture everything hidden that others can’t find. So many days destroyed, left scattered in the middle of the road like the remains of a traffic accident. The past untethered, only I seek to keep it alive. The seeds of my faith, so clear to see in the footsteps of yesterday. Reach out, and touch the tips of my ink-stained fingers. Hold me close like you did before. The war between us, silent like all the dead stars in the sky combined. Time after time, we do what we try so hard not to. Shooting through the air, these desires are so fleeting, but they exist, and that means I exist too. Heaven on your lips. The same old pretence. Pick away. Pluck. Suck. Fuck. Too many levels for me to comprehend. Too many songs that reduce me while bathwater shrinks my pale skin. Oh, the shame, and oh the guilt. Swallow them both. Look at us we stumble and laugh as we pretend that tomorrow, everything will be okay. Remove your dress. Scrub your skin. There’s something that can never be said, but only because you’re too afraid. Strip yourself of others, and give yourself to me just like you should. Damned lovers dancing as if it were so easy, but we know it’s anything but. Take these words. Take it all. It’s yours and not mine. Just promise you’ll keep looking. Find me in the pines. Take me away to where we’ll never have to hurt again. Say it like you mean it. Speak the words until your lungs run dry.

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