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The one thing that saddens me most in life is that I’ll never get the opportunity to place my lips on Winona Ryder’s breasts. I know that’s incredibly shallow, but every time I see her, I imagine the wonders that will always elude me. Just like those far away nebulas, and all those distant planets unseen by the human eye, her charms are something I will never taste. But it’s no reason to wallow in the mire. If you close your eyes and imagine all the dead animals that haven’t breathed in over a thousand years, just picture them running through fields of corn to the edges of eternity feeling only the joy of release. For every pain, there’s a smile just waiting to be glimpsed. For every heartbreak, there’s a lover waiting in the wings to come and make you better again. How long it will last no one can say, but all you can do is keep on trying. The best you can is always good enough. Life teases in the most peculiar ways. It builds you up only to tear you down, but all can do is try your best not to let it, for there’s something more than life. I know, because I’ve seen it on the brink of so many little deaths. When you close your eyes and drift away, picture a day when there was no tomorrow, and know that such a place exists. Time wears you down, but when you realise that time’s just an illusion, you’ll be able to drift through the years not caring about all the things others take to heart. All those damned fuckers, caring about stuff that serves no purpose. Don’t pity them. Don’t even mock them. Just let them do their thing as you laugh with the gods. Shifting from here to there and back again, watch with wonder as one by one the layers of reality fade away to reveal the deadlights you so desperately seek.

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