Anxiety Is Freedom


The sound of church bells mixed with Autumn sunshine. The sky endless as bodies rejoice. Floating in baths of warm sand, they’re neither here nor there. Books full of words that know nothing of defeat. Silence golden, just like the limbs of a lover. Riddles in the clouds. Symbols drawn on saddened shells. Drink milk to make teeth white as snow, then smoke a cigarette while gazing at the moon. Feel the energy of all those who escaped, and the smiles of those that have long since disappeared. Lost in the maze of emotion, figures pass from one place to the next. Black stockings and candlelight. A moth to the flame and hands on soft hips. The taste of whiskey, and the taste of wine. On balconies that glow in the rain, colours seduce like the devil. Pieces of you that will always cling despite the passage of time that rolls by. Savour each moment. Reflect on every wound. Inner pain made visible. Mental anguish, like a collapsed cave in the ruins of my mind. Come now, and fear no more. Absent lovers sparkling like ice. In the middle of the night, green eyes painted so vivid and bright repulsed by practicality. The disdain of forced embrace. Head down and drowned amongst the weeds. All those hands, reaching for life. Those tiny little fingers, appearing in the water so faint and beyond the veil. Buildings crumble. Haunted no longer by obstacles, the weight of half the world is lifted. Anxiety is freedom. Melancholy a gift never to be thrown away. Throw away flesh, but never the soul. Never the magic of seeing the unseen. Be optimistic. Take what you want, and paint over everything that doesn’t matter. Achieve something more. Through the woods, and through the mist of obscured innocence, each footstep a sign of how far we have come through the fire with heads held high. There were days when breathing was too much. When to exist was too painful. No need to pick away at things that aren’t there. Find your voice, and speak what needs to be said.

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