Follow Your Soul



Dreamt I was back with an old lover- the one with the rabbits. In the end, I tried killing myself- no need figuring out the metaphor there. Somewhere in between, I was stood by the side of a road watching a bus burst into flames. There were people inside, and some were trying to smash the windows with their shoes and bare hands, but it didn’t work, and one by one the flames got them. I didn’t attempt to help; I was just glad it was them and not me. When I awoke, I felt nothing but shame. I was sober too, as the previous night I’d fallen asleep before I could open my wine. I don’t enjoy waking up with a clear head. I don’t enjoy remembering my dreams. The world isn’t worth saving; that much is certain. Humans are a disease that need wiping out- but don’t bury me, not just yet. Let me write words that people need to read. Let me justify my existence even though it’s such an empty cause. Let me hold you close as the sky burns with fire as bomb after bomb calls an end to everything we know. As I walk down an empty street, it’s cold but not uncomfortable. The lack of other people helps me to reminisce over old times. Most of which is enjoyable, yet loss overwhelms me in every possible way. The loss of lovers, and the loss of innocence. The past is safe because death can’t follow me there. That’s where I spend most of my time, although with every word I write it brings me to a destination outside of my control. I don’t want to go there because it’s dangerous, and yet I know that’s where I’ll find you; dancing in a field of corn just like I’ve seen in so many dreams. Smoke a cigarette and sway like the trees. Follow your soul and smile as the stars call you home.

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