Somebody Make Me Say No



It’s strange how a body is both an ecosystem for physical wonders and untold nervous despair. I’ve seen you grow from a woman into a girl, and it doesn’t suit you at all. I’ve seen the marks on your arms, and I know how you feel inside. Think of us as memories before we’ve even begun; just ghosts swimming in a sea of distant collisions. Death defeats all, but if the future’s already happened, then what’s there to fear? When I run myself a bath, I imagine a world where time and space exist only in dreams. Feed me Eskimo kisses as the lights of the city call my name. Feed me your love as vehicles burst into flames on the freeway. All those years of trying to fit in; of trying to find love with someone who wouldn’t believe in what they couldn’t see. Roll cigarettes and watch as they sink in the snow. Blow smoke into the sky and reach for the hands of dead angels. There’s a vision of you and me where light and dark are rendered useless. If only you could accept an existence where no sense makes sense. If only you knew just how great we would one day become. Hell is other people, and the longer you build your life around their opinions, the longer it will take for you to be free. You’re so weak, but you have to fall before you can rise. It’s just how it goes.

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