Riderless Horses



We existย in bubbles of lucid metal that tear through flesh like words tear through tired hearts. She’s so young and yet she’s older than half the stars in the galaxy. She’s so alone, more so than all the dead trees in all the burning forests of the world. But I wouldn’t change her, though, because I’m attracted to her sadness, and the more it flows through her veins, the more besotted I become as she struts her stuff just inches away. Those who exude melancholy exist on a different plain to the scum that scuttle beneath our feet. To know we are so low is a virtue, and those with virtue are beautiful while the rest are so grey. So raise a glass, and wish with all you have that the ones you admire never turn their backs on what it means to suffer. Pain. Isolation. Wreckage- those tainted are by far tastier than those who revel in success. Riderless horses. Accidents waiting to happen. The sooner you realise that recovery is not an option, the sooner you’ll be at one with yourself. There’s no getting better, only an understanding of who we are. There’s no leaving ourselves behind, only an acceptance of everything we have ever been. No one wants to read about the joys of making it through to the other side. The other side is money and comfort, and once you get poisoned by those, there’s no going back. We shine for a while, and then we burn out. Don’t pretend you’re in control, there’s no such thing. There’s only consciousness and energy. Be sensitive. Be a mess of finely tuned anxieties that threaten to drag you down day after day. The trick is to let them- to let the horrors of life wash over you. Don’t struggle, just open your arms and welcome everything. Those that are flawless deserve to be forgotten, and those that reek of perfection deserve not even pity. I for one shall laugh when the tears fall from their eyes, and I shall relish watching them suffer when they realise it’s too late. They had their entire lives to be free, and they went ahead and wasted them on doing what they were told. When the oceans call me home, my soul shall drift across the universe, untethered at last from those that claim to know how it works, when really, they know nothing.

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