Gag Reflex

This is a piece I wrote for Sudden Denouement, of which I’m now a member. It was a pleasure to write, and I was thrilled to join.

The prompt given to me was ‘serial killer’. I hope you enjoy giving it a read x

The Sudden Denouement Literary Collective is thrilled to introduce new Collective Member S. K. Nicholas. S.K. is the gritty lyrical voice behind A Journal for Damned Lovers. Triptych personality and a taste for the beaten and crushed. Favoured positions. Preferred imagery including a crushed butterfly placed so sweetly on her navel- the one that swims with my seed. Specks […]

via Gag Reflex-Introducing New Sudden Denouement Member S. K. Nicholas — Sudden Denouement Literary Collective

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  1. I have just come from Sudden Denouement, I am so glad to see you featured there. This is a beautiful piece of writing, you know I try to never miss you, you are marvelously gifted! ❤️️

    • I’m so thankful you did! It was pretty much the first time I’ve ever worked from a prompt given to me from someone else. So you are in my good books forever more for taking me out of my comfort zone x

      • I’m going to look it up. Also, if you want to read something that the FBI actually uses to desensitize training agents, look up “toolbox murders” transcripts. And don’t read it if you aren’t prepared for something fucking insane.

      • Ooh! I was actually reading up about these two guys quite recently- I think it’s the same guys- but I didn’t check out the transcripts. It’s stunning to be confronted by the darkest acts of humanity, and fascinating to see how people can lose themselves to such desires.

      • With things I’ve read, seen, it’s my belief there’s no point to anything. No mystical meaning behind actions, no “things happen for a reason” and certainly no “you choose what life you’ll be born into while in the afterlife.” I’ve learned only to believe in chaos.

      • I totally get that. Personally, I can’t help believing in ‘something’, whatever that is I’m not sure, but like you, having read and seen so much brutality, it’s difficult to see us as anything other than animals.

      • My “something” can’t be proven or disproven, and so I know nothing and can’t believe in anything; that’s my circle or tail that chases itself, or my ouroboros. I’ve experienced some weird supernatural shit, but… I can pick it apart too much. I’m a Virgo. It’s supposedly what we do.

      • i’ve known many cancer men. they’re quite fun actually. usually into weird shit i’m into. in fact, both went ghost hunting with me. a little insane, but aren’t we all?

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