The mountains are alcoholic. The clouds above them, they too are alcoholic. The rivers of thawed out ice that flow from their summit, they taste like a billion shots of chilled Sambuca ready to take us far away from the piss-stained streets that offer nothing but the same old faces and same reasons to say no. Women are beautiful creatures, and yet they’re also vampires and tombs, or maybe that’s just what I turn them into? Young lovers sing these songs, these gloriously fresh songs, and although they’re so vibrant and the fact they exist sends shivers down your spine, you know they will come to an end. But that’s not the worst part, the worst part is they won’t even be celebrated. They’ll just be forgotten like everything else. But those mountains, and the way that liquor glistens on her belly as she floats downstream- it makes me supernatural. Butterflies. Caterpillars. Chrysalis. Upper lip. Lower lip. Sequences involving merging. Pages from a diary containing teenage wasteland and the flies that circle the honey on her neck. Notes on Morphology. Sketches of a breakdown and the rebirth of the one who appeared from the ashes. The animals are not passengers, they drive the visions. In fact, they bring them from the forest and leave them at my doorstep. Between their bloody teeth, and upon the twigs caught in their fur, there is so much they have yet to show me, but how much are they willing to show? And who could ever know of their origins? Over the fields and through the subways and alleyways she is a beacon. In the deserted shopping malls and the buildings soaked in darkness, her song is eternal. It lifts us up to heaven and won’t let us down, but it’s okay, because we don’t want to come down. We have reached a time in our lives where there are no more reasons to be real. These inner fears- these demons we carry with us- all we need is to let them go, and we shall fly. Yes, we shall fly until we are never seen again.

A Journal for Damned Lovers on

A Journal for Damned Lovers on

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  1. the way that liquor glistens on her belly as she floats downstream- it makes me supernatural. Butterflies. Caterpillars. Chrysalis. … priceless!

  2. Breathtaking. And I hate the way the Starbucks generation uses it but “literally” is the right word in this case…
    you literally took my breath away. You are amazing. There should be people walking the streets wearing t-shirts with your words printed on them. Seriously. πŸ’œ xo

    • I forgive you for the use of that way πŸ˜‰ But thank you, though, your words are far too kind, but I do hold them dear. If there was a day when they wore my words, it would surely mean the end! Not to mention long spells in the loony bin for whoever would do such a thing πŸ˜‰ I hope you are well my dear xo

      • Haha it’s funny, the moment I released that comment I thought : “WTAF? t-shirts emblazoned with your words, why not McDonald’s burgers named after him while you’re at it? You fucking idiot!”

      • Imagine that.. I think they should make me a ‘Big Brother’ type character. My society, my rules- based on my words πŸ˜‰ Or how about a writer version of Negan? That would be a dream. Anyone who doesn’t read would get a taste of Lucille. Can’t say fairer than that πŸ™‚ xo

      • Haha I love my writers to have a sense of humour. Negan doesn’t work for me, you must have caught up with it all if you’re aware of him and Lucille. His tendency to monologue for aaaages and the weird emphasis he puts on every.single.word drives me nuts! I guess he has charisma, definitely, but I nevertheless can’t “buy” him as Negan.
        I swear every single sentence is delivered the same way. Shame there is no sound available in comments because I would do my Negan impression which has been killing all my friends πŸ˜‰
        As it happens I’ve written something about him, I may post it soon

      • I’ve only seen the first episode of this season, so my experience with him is limited. I liked what I saw, but I guess I only got a small dose. I’d love to hear your impression of him though πŸ˜‰ And definitely post what you’ve written about him, too! I don’t like watching one episode at a time, hence why I’ve only watched the first. I’ll probably work my way through them now seeing as they’ve reached mid season. Still need to get through Game of Thrones. But I enjoyed Stranger Things xo

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