The Loop + The Latch of Your Bra



Had this dream where I was in an episode of Twin Peaks. Can’t remember many details, but the regular cast members were moving around me as I walked in circles in a crowded parking lot while smoking a cigarette. The weather was overcast, and you were somewhere nearby, part of the same group I was in. Think we were on a coach trip to the coast and had briefly stopped off for a bite to eat and a breath of fresh air in some retail park. Finishing my smoke, I joined everyone in this clothes store, but no matter how many times I tried getting close to you and striking up a conversation, you kept giving me the cold shoulder. You wouldn’t even so much as look me in the face. After this had gone on for what felt like hours, I grabbed you by the arm and took you into a cubicle in the men’s changing rooms. Closing the curtain behind us, I looked down at you, and you looked up and gave me those eyes. Y’know, where you show just how sad and anguished you are while offering the thinnest hint of a smile. Reminded me of that photo I took of you at the zoo that time. The one where you were sat on the ground sulking. I’m not sure what for, but you didn’t say a word until we were back home and making love. I’m not sure what was said between us in the cubicle, for the dream chopped and changed the way they so often do. At one point, I was looking at my internal organs that were spread about on a kitchen table top. My lungs were looking good, as was my liver, but my testicles looked as if they had been burned, for they were blackened and charred. Something Jungian, no doubt. I tried turning away, but Major Briggs from Twin Peaks kept pulling me back and pointing at my deformed sex stuff as Special Agent Cooper was just staring at them drinking coffee. You were somewhere nearby, but I couldn’t see you. And then we were back in the cubical. Words had been spoken, but I was unsure as to what the outcome had been. Part of me wanted for things to be okay because I wished to be close to you again, and the other did so because I wanted you in my arms with my fingers fiddling with the latch of your bra. And when I got the outcome I wanted and it slid down your arms and fell to the floor, I eyed you up good and proper, and when you raised your face to mine, our lips and tongues collided as the stars outside fell from the sky.

A Journal for Damned Lovers on

A Journal for Damned Lovers on

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