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I made a video for YouTube. It’s an in the flesh introduction if you will. Thought it would be productive to make a few to give some insight into my writing process, and to babble about books and music and other such creative inspirations. There’s another one I’ll put up tomorrow which goes into a bit more detail. Hope you enjoy it and don’t drift off like I kept doing. Have a short attention span you see. Like a goldfish, or a bumblebee. Or something something.

A Journal for Damned Lovers on

A Journal for Damned Lovers on

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  1. I think you are brave and interesting to listen to. I hate the sound of my voice recorded and played back. My nerves get the better of me and I sound just awful. Sorry not to meaning put you off, just the opposite you sound better than I do. I was interviewed at qmc by Rob Sissons on smoking I could not even watch myself it was audibly painful to me lol.

    • Thank you 🙂 As my first try, I think it went alright despite me rambling. The second one I’ve made is a bit more focused. Never really had a problem with seeing myself on camera. I prefer it to speaking to strangers, I say.
      Oh dear, I’m sorry to hear about your traumatic experience! I bet you don’t sound as bad as you think 🙂

  2. It was good I related a fair bit to what you were saying. About not wanting to work for money like the 9 to 5. I have written short stories since the age of 14 I am now 45. To me it was a interest. Science and genetics being my passion, my writing being my separate interest like drawing. My love of music being my muse or inspiration. I am a dreamer. Reality very often sucks so it is my escape writing short stories reading stories that inspire them and a very vivid imagination.

    • I’m very sorry to hear you lost your dad. It’s touching that he inspired you with your reading 🙂
      That we have our passions is so important, and despite the knocks we take, we keep them close to our heart and never let them go x

      • Thank you. ❤ he was a great Dad before the demon alcohol possessed him and took him from in later years. From late 50s onwards. He was Dad, teacher, friend. All rolled into one I was lucky. He named me from looking in a baby name book 3 months prior to my coming into this World.

      • There is a tribute to him amongst my earlier blog posts. A poem by J Milton Hayes ‘the green eye of the little yellow god’.

  3. A friend once told me that she’d started chatting to people on webcam. I never have ’cause it scares the shite outa me, but anyhow…she said that she preferred to chat at night, as she looked better on the cam in the dark. I thought she had a point, so I tried it but I still looked baggy eyed and old.

    I smiled out loud a lot at this. At the part where you were talking about Mary Bell, who is from Newcastle btw, someone walked past my house playing a bloody ukulele! I shit you not!

    I liked watching you talk and I watched it all. It was a toss up between watching the film Spotlight and YOU, and I chose you. 😊

    • I’m very honoured you chose me over Spotlight 🙂

      Although sorry for freaking you out with the Mary Bell reference! Someone has some strange habits out there!

      In hindsight, I wish I could have edited it a bit, but I’m not good with technology like I said, so it’ll have to do! x

      • You didn’t freak me out. I’m fascinated by that shit. When you mentioned Ann Rule I sat up a little…but the ukulele player casually ambling down my road, interrupted that, so I’m afraid I paused you until I’d watched him disappear from view. 🙂 I watched a programme on Prime about Hindley and Brady after I watched your video (it was an hour shorter than Spotlight – and then I spent another half hour Googling David and Maureen Smith to see what they’re up to these days. They’re both dead.

        I have a qualification in video editing and production. Some use that is to me or to anyone I know though. If I had the choice of working with videos or working…say, on a checkout, then I’d choose the till. (I’ve done that job longer than I did the other thing).

        However, if someone came to my till tomorrow and told me they’d the perfect job for me editing videos, I’d probably consider it. x

      • What’s the video about them like on Prime? I’ve seen it up there but haven’t got around to watching it yet. I read the book David Smith wrote a few months ago. Very imformative. Felt so sorry for the shit he had to go through because of his association with Hindley and Brady.

        I guess you never know when your skills will be called into action. It’s normally when you least expect it. I remember editing a music video back in my college days. Was a very enjoyable process, but one I let others do most of the work on. x

      • It was interesting. There was stuff in it I’d never seen before, photographic evidence and the like. It shocked me slightly but I already knew the details. I’ve no idea when it was made but it had the feel of a 70’s documentary, but I quite liked that. I felt exactly as you do about David Smith, but clearly the documentary maker did too. There aren’t enough of these kinds of programmes on Prime, in my opinion. I recently had to give up Sky and am having withdrawal symptoms, but only re. ID Channel etc. There’s also a docufilm thingy about Albert Fish, but I couldn’t get into that at all, so I watched a film called The Alphabet Killer. True, apparently, though I have my doubts.

      • I’ll definitely give it a watch, then. Probably over the weekend. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that Alphabet Killer film. The true story is on Wikipedia and is genuinely intriguing. The film, as is often the case, made it all a bit too zany and silly. And the Albert Fish one I’ve seen also. Think I wrote a blog while watching it if I’m not mistaken. It was called ‘A Journal for Deviants’. Seemed like an apt title 😉 x

  4. Your skin isn’t blotchy and you don’t need a shave. Now that’s said, respect to you for doing this, I’d be a stuttering mess. Us introverts find that kind of thing real hard, but you’re great xo 💜

    • Ah, that’s very kind of you, Nathalie 🙂
      It looked worse on the webcam as I was doing it. I could see each and every blemish and the many different shades of grey under my eyes.
      I don’t like talking in public, but strangely enough, I’m alright like this. I guess it’s because I’m literally talking to myself.
      Glad you enjoyed it, though x<3

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