Another Saturday


We look at the animals in the pet store. It’s a Saturday. A little after midday. She’s hungry and irritable while I’m doing my best to keep her from losing her temper. There’s a rat she wants. It’s a big dumbo one, y’know, the one with the ears. She’s got too many as it is but when I tell her this, she stamps her feet and attempts to kick my legs. Grabbing hold of her arm, I drag her out of the store and placate her by treating us both to a McDonalds. Their salty chips are my favourite, and even though I have to pick the tomatoes out of the burgers, such meals make me happy. Eating her own as we sit by the window looking at the traffic, she smiles and lets me know her belly feels warm. Beneath the table, she’s tapping her feet. She taps them and then paws at my face while singing the lyrics to that song by Nilsson, Y’know, the one about putting the lime in the coconut. It makes me smile back at her, but then I remember how little money there’s left between us, and for sure I know as soon as we step outside into the winter air, she’ll drag me back to the pet store and make me buy her the rat. By the look in her eyes, I know she’s already chosen the name. But it’s okay. Such foolish things make life worth living. It’s not about dreams or destinations, it’s about these tiny threads that so often get pushed aside in search of what’s bigger and better. Wiping my mouth with a serviette, I tell her she’s got mayonnaise on her lip and offer to get rid of it. Leaning forwards across the table, she closes her eyes and sticks out her tongue, and as the seconds dissolve and those around us fade away, I reach out and touch her face. There’s music in the air. It’s coming from inside of her, and as my fingers glide across her chin, I close my eyes and see what she sees.

A Journal for Damned Lovers UK

A Journal for Damned Lovers US

Anthology UK / Anthology US

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  1. The ending! Oh!! My heart! To see light and life through another’s eyes. To hear the music of their soul. To know that in some way, you also bring music to hers. A typical day that’s not all that typical. It’s magic. Thank you for sharing. This was wonderful.

  2. Very descriptive, makes me feel as I am right there. I had to look up the definition of a serviette, a fancier word than napkin, to be sure

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