Her Real Mouth


She claims to be unwell but, in her belly, she holds the moon and the stars and, in her veins, flows not blood but milk, so how could she feel anything but heavenly? When she stands there in the doorway as I’m drying myself off after taking a shower, she eyes me up while rolling a cigarette pretending not to look at my cock. It’s nothing special. Average size, I guess, but she likes the shape of it much the same way as I’m drawn to her labia in both its appearance and taste. It’s her real mouth, I tell her. When she spreads herself it’s like peering into the past. It’s like seeing myself as a child looking at the world through a buggy being pushed by my nan on a rainy day in Luton. If memory serves, I’m eating a packet of mints, and the plastic cover that’s been zipped to keep me from getting wet is steaming up. It’s somewhere in Lewsey Farm, I’m sure of it, because the sight of the swimming pool always edges into view just before my vision of the outside world is obscured by the mist of my adolescent breath. It’s one of my earliest memories, and whenever she parts her legs and invites me in it’s usually one of the first things I see. What follows changes each time we merge. Sometimes there are 80’s family holidays on the south coast, or it could be an endless summers day spent drinking in a beer garden as a student, but whatever the secondary vision, they’re always proceeded by the same sensation of a trillion tiny ice crystals piercing my flesh as I travel through the Ort Cloud like a tiny sperm on my way to escaping the Solar System, or to finding my mother’s egg. This lover, my familiar, she offers so much, and yet she’s more than just a vessel because I’ve seen her break down and know the pain she carries even though she does her best to appear nonchalant. Watching as I sit on the edge of the bed drying my hair, she opens the window and flicks her cigarette into the road where it dies an instant death. Turning to face me, we say no words. The restaurant awaits us and the taxi is on its way and even though she’s sad it won’t last for long and sure enough when we’re sat in the back of the vehicle with the town slipping past so quick, she puts her hand in mine and just like that she blooms.

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