My Screaming Twenties

I think I would have been okay.

I think I would have been safe,

I’d fallen through feelings before,

taken a punch to the gut

and then soared.

But, when we met,

it was cold outside

and the fire side so warm

like the crook of your arm,

which I was pulled into

by universe or fate,

your stubble brushed my cheek

a lightly pecked hello.

I’d turned my cheek

once or twice before

to strangers and old friends,

never found myself lost

on letting go.

Until, I met you

and we sat side by side

listening to the shapes

our mouths made

and the patterns I drew

with coy eyes.

Our hearts poured forth in secret,

skin alight with unspoken desire.

I’d stumbled over words before

listening to the worldly wise

put it all to rights.

But you, you revelled

in our might, in our sight

to watch sunrise…

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