Like Bullets


Your hair that flows behind you and all about my drunken face. The taxi that takes us through time. Organic vessels wrapped in madness and fear and the delirium of being both stars and dust in the same quickened breath, and when you lean back your head and laugh, I laugh with you, and as the beads of rain slide down the windows, I stroke your chin and call you mine. Flared nostrils and lust. Your eyes and the flesh of your thighs that shows more and more as your little black skirt hitches up. Those legs. Your breasts. That wild heart that beats just inches from my fingers. If we were to crash right this instant, it wouldn’t matter. If the world were to blink itself out of existence, it wouldn’t mean a thing. When you roll down the window and stick out your head, you open your mouth and taste the rain. All those lights that shine in the distance. All that darkness in between. It makes you squeal and it makes me want you even more and just for a moment, just for a second, this is all there will ever be and the universe, the universe is as we wish.

You scream into the night and from your lungs comes the sound of love and desire and the call of a soul searching for its place in this universe that at times doesn’t seem to care much at all, but it cares, it cares because you do. Pushing yourself out as far as you can, your outstretched hands grab at the rain and ghosts that swirl around the vehicle, and as the driver turns up the music on the radio, you realise it’s your favourite song, and for a moment, for a few precious seconds, you feel endless and beyond anything that was ever given a name. As fields and roads pass in a blur and the ground speeds unseen beneath us, I reach for you and pull you back in, and as you slide through the window and into my arms, I push you onto the leather seat and kiss you. Kiss you like my lover. Kiss you both hard and soft all at once, and with your hair matted against your forehead, you kick your legs and grab hold of me and just like that we trade places, and you kiss me back, and like bullets, we shoot through the night into the heart of a story both familiar yet altogether strange.

A Journal for Damned Lovers Volumes 1 & 2 on

A Journal for Damned Lovers Volumes 1 & 2 on

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  1. Awesome in every way.
    I love the last line “, and like bullets, we shoot through the night into the heart of a story both familiar yet altogether strange.”
    Gorgeously written

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