Giddy on Her Fumes


Swimming through a wandering sea of animals and trees, George sniffed the air and caught her scent. It was unmistakably hers, and yet it was different somehow. She was still the same soul, and yet her body had changed. It tasted exotic. Less of this world and more of another, although she hadn’t been of this world to begin with, and the thought of what she’d now become excited him tremendously. Wrapping himself around the trunk of the tree that was carrying him deep into the light, he closed his eyes and concentrated on her scent. It had been years since her aroma last danced upon his whiskers, and already it was playing games with his heart. As the music swelled and the animals cried out in celebration, within his mind’s eye, he saw her as she’d been the day he found her clinging to life on the bathroom floor. Such a desperate, fragile thing he’d stumbled upon, but then she ‘d blossomed into something wonderful and new. He had a feeling she’d lost her way since then, but now she was where she needed to be, and he wished not only to help guide her but to breathe her in and grow giddy on her fumes. He saw her as a flower, the brightest, wildest of flowers, and just the thought was enough to make him feel drunk. He might only have been a cat, but George had history with the bottle. Living on the outside had brought him into contact with some sore sights and harsh times, and a bottle of beer was quite often the only help he could find, but at this moment, all he could think of was his dear Prudence. Clutching onto the tree as it glided through the snow and the ever-blinding light, he held his breath as her scent grew stronger, and in an instant, it seared into his brain like a bullet, and all he could see was a billion red petals sweeping away everything in their path.

A Journal for Damned Lovers UK

A Journal for Damned Lovers US

Anthology UK / Anthology US

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