Cookies Covered in Custard


Tired from having flown for so long—and it being her very first time—X sailed through the air looking for a safe place to land. She also intended to give Herbie a rest. The poor thing had been dangling beneath her kicking his legs the whole way, and although she knew he was scared, he hadn’t squeaked once. She felt ever so guilty for having plucked him from the safety of his cage in the pet store only to take him on an impromptu flight, and yet without him by her side, she knew she might’ve done something reckless. She was going to make it up to him though, that much was for sure. When she was back in her human skin, she was going to buy him the biggest most amazing cage imaginable. And she would buy him as many treats as he could possibly eat. And, perhaps she would find him a mate? She thought that would be the nicest gift of all. Shifting her wings, she lowered herself through the branches of the trees making sure not to hurt Herbie and promptly landed on a blanket of twigs. Letting go of him, she watched as he shakily took a few steps before falling over. Rubbing her beak gently upon his fur, she looked about for something for him to drink, and finding a large leaf that had collected rainwater, she carefully fetched it and placed it next to him. Watching as he stuck out his tongue, she inwardly smiled as he drank. When he was done, he nodded at her before closing his eyes and resting. Taking some of the water for herself, she felt good as it filled her tiny belly, although what she would’ve given for something to eat. Images of donuts and hotdogs and cookies covered in custard filled her vision, so much so that she took no notice of the familiar face that came sailing towards her.

A Journal for Damned Lovers UK

A Journal for Damned Lovers US

Anthology UK / Anthology US

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  1. I have missed too much during my WP break…but it was a lovely headspin to just jump in here without a clue either!
    I love the ending as well. Very relatable lol.

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