There’s an Ocean in You


Spreading herself as wide as she could, the sound of wind chimes grew louder.

“What do you see?” she asked.

Gazing into her, the pinkness of her flesh gave way to a blinding white light. I was mesmerised by it. At first, there was only the light, but as the seconds ticked away, I could make out something moving within.

“Well?” she asked again, impatient, exhausted.

Straining my eyes the best I could, I saw shapes. Blurry and silhouetted against the light, they moved as if dancing. Holding on tightly to her ankles as I shimmied into her as close as possible, beads of sweat dripped from her chin before splashing onto my forehead.

“I see shapes,” I said.

“Not good enough” she gasped. “Look closer.”

Pressing my face against her, the taste of her sex fizzed on my tongue like sparkling lemonade. Struggling to breathe just the same as her, I heard the bones in my legs creak, and then the unmistakable roar of waves. The shapes inside of her weren’t human. They were amphibian. Dolphins, to be exact. Emerging from an ocean as dark and as stormy as the circles around her eyes, they burst into the air and cried at the sight of the sun as its rays stretched from one side of the horizon to the other. How many dolphins there were I couldn’t say, but I guessed them to number in the dozens. She heard their cries too, and although she couldn’t see them, she could sense the roar of the waves and feel the rumble of the ocean deep inside her belly.

“There’s an ocean in you,” I said, “and dolphins.”

Leaning her head back, she yanked my hair with her right hand while continuing to spread herself with her left. Her scent was intoxicating. Even more so than usual.

“I wanna dive in,” I said.

“Then dive” she replied.

A Journal for Damned Lovers UK

A Journal for Damned Lovers US

Anthology UK / Anthology US

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