Like a Koala Bear


The waves inside Meeko’s body came crashing down. They roared as loud as a thunderstorm, and when I raised my head and pressed my ear against her belly, my brain rocked back and forth in my skull as if I’d been sucker punched. The fillings in my teeth shook loose, and whatever idle thoughts I’d had in my mind rattled like coins in a piggy bank. Biting her flesh, it felt as if all my limbs had gone to sleep; my cock, however, had not. It was pointing upright to the ceiling, all veiny and hideous with seed trickling out. It reminded me of the creature that burst out of John Hurt’s chest in the first Alien movie, and yet as grotesque as it appeared, Meeko grabbed hold of it with widened eyes muttering more words in Japanese.

“Totemo ōkiku” she sighed.

“What are you saying,” I said, “I can’t understand you.”

Giggling to herself in her flustered state, she squeezed me as tight as she could causing me to wince.

“Itazurana otoko,” she said.

Part of me was turned on, and yet the other part felt like a little boy wandering around a shopping mall in search of his parents, lost in an adult word—a world I couldn’t comprehend.

“Anata wa ōkina damī” she purred.

For a second, my eyes glazed over. I was five years old again and stumbling around in the city with no idea of how to get home. It was sunny, the middle of summer. So many people. So many roads. I couldn’t tell if it was a memory or a dream, but it felt so real to me. The sense of not belonging; of just wanting to return to my mother’s arms but knowing they were so far away. Sensing that I’d drifted, Meeko wrapped her legs around my waist. The sunlight pouring through the window made her body glow, and the salty beads of sweat that clung to her breasts made me so thirsty I couldn’t help but lick them up like the dog I was.

“If you don’t fuck me now, you shall never fuck me again,” she said with barred teeth.

“I feel like one of those spiders that are eaten after sex” I replied.

Leaning her head back, she sighed and snapped her teeth.

“Only you could think about that. Most guys would be foaming at the mouth right now.”

“I’m not most guys.”

“Tell me about it,” she said. “And anyway, it’s a myth. Not all male spiders are killed after mating.”

Taking a deep breath, I stood up with her wrapped around me. She was like a koala bear.

“You’re like a koala bear,” I told her.

“They’re not bears” she responded before biting my shoulder.

“Then what are they?” I asked frowning.

“Shut up and fuck me.”

A Journal for Damned Lovers UK

A Journal for Damned Lovers US

Anthology UK / Anthology US

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      • Ha ha! Believe me, I know what it feels like to realise you are lost somewhere, thinking about koalas or other wonders of the world, while you ought to be caught in the throes of coitus, as you so eloquently said. Let Meeko teach us both a lesson. ☺️

      • I’m glad you were impressed with me using the word ‘coitus’. It’s good to show off sometimes 😉

        A dozen or so times a day I find myself looking into the distance thinking about those wonders of the world.

      • I guess it’s easier for people to label someone as sad or drugged up than it is to see them for how they really are.

        Which is someone who has a curious soul and a wistful mind x

  1. I hate spiders…enjoy while you can ..but be careful ..but I guess you know how things pan out

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