Grubby Mitts


As I moved from her navel to her left breast in search of a new taste, she sensed the faraway look on my face. I always had a faraway look on my face, but not usually during sex. Not that I was aware of, anyhow.

“What are you thinking about?” she frowned.

Greedily suckling her nipple like a hungry baby, I grabbed her love handles with both hands and chewed on her as if not doing so would result in my imminent oblivion. The lurid, chargrilled scents drifting through the open window didn’t help, either. The taste of her body, mixed with my memories and the ever-growing smell of fast-food was maddening. I wanted to eat her until all that remained of her was her bones, and even then, I’d more than likely give them a nibble for good measure. Removing my lips from her hardened nipple that was red and sore from my chewing, I looked at her like the naughty boy I was.

“I was thinking back to our date at the cinema.”

“The one where you touched me?”

Licking her breast, I drooled all over her before replying.

“Yes, the one where I touched you.”

“You touched me!” she exclaimed as if suddenly understanding the thread of our conversation.

“Only because you let me,” I said, “I was a gentleman before I met you.”

Snorting to herself, she slid her hand beneath the throbbing mass of gristle I was and continued stirring herself in the most organically, magical of ways.

“You’ve never been a gentleman” she laughed, “you couldn’t wait to get your grubby mitts on me.”

“I didn’t hear any complaints” I shrugged.

“Of course you didn’t—you had your tongue in my mouth. I was an innocent seventeen-year-old until you came along and dirtied me.”

This time it was my turn to laugh.

“Oh, come off it! You’ve never been innocent. Before you got hold of me, I was halfway respectable. People actually thought I was normal, or at least as close to normal as I would ever be. You put paid to that though, didn’t you? You didn’t stop chasing me until I lost control.”

Blinking the sweat from her eyes, she shook her head and groaned.

“You wish. I tried everything to get away from your advances, but you wouldn’t quit, would you? In the end, I was too young and weak to resist you any further. You should be ashamed of yourself, deflowering such a young girl, and at your age, too. Dirty old man.”

Grinning to herself thinking I couldn’t see, I slithered up her body like a snake until we were face to face. Rubbing my cock over her pussy, she went to bite my lip, but I snapped my head back just in time.

“If you want me to stop, I’ll stop. With me being such a dirty old man and all, I wouldn’t want to go taking advantage of you. Again.”

“Don’t be such a dick” she said before sticking out her tongue.


And so I didn’t stop, although for a brief moment I made to pull away causing her to dig her nails into me. She dug them in hard. Hard enough to draw blood. In retaliation, I plunged my cock into her without warning. It went in as deep as I could get it to, and as she sucked in a lungful of air through gritted teeth, I waited for her vicious tongue to lick me with a comeback.

A Journal for Damned Lovers UK

A Journal for Damned Lovers US

Anthology UK / Anthology US

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