The Laws of Gravity – S. K. Nicholas


On the horizon to my right, the building adorned with three red lights comes into view. Without realising, I think of her. I always think of her. I pretend that I don’t, yet what use is there in lying. The feelings she puts into my heart keep my feet firmly off the ground. Without them, I’d obey the laws of gravity the same as everyone else. The red lights blink at me. Perhaps in their way, they’re speaking to me, but me being me, I don’t hear a thing. I hear thunder, though. The thunder stirs in the clouds, and when it rains, I hold out my hand and bring several, watery beads to my lips. These lips once kissed her lips. One day, maybe, they’ll kiss them again. It’s hard to say. The night draws in, and as it does, the red lights grow brighter, as do the smaller…

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