Seconds Away


Gripping me tightly, she squints and spits as I stutter her name. I can feel the seed bubbling in my balls; tingling the same as the fillings in my teeth whenever I come into contact with electricity. Like if I’m caught outside in a thunderstorm, or standing beneath a pylon trying to figure out a way to view that which remains unseen. Her touch causes me to shiver. Grabbing hold of the branch above my head, I feel the tree shivering too. Whether or not it’s because of my touch or the delicacy of Meeko’s grasp of my cock, I’m not sure, but regardless, the tree seems to have stirred. If it weren’t so outlandish, I swear I could even hear it speaking. These whispy little whispers in the breeze, bouncing between my ears and the leaves before rising upwards to the sky. Unnoticed before, I spot several pylons surrounding the courtyard. They reach to the sun the same as the tree does; their metal arms worshipping the one each of us calls God. The buzz in the air is palatable. It beats with a life of its own. The longer it goes on, the closer I feel to this aching God for whom the physical realm is lusted after above all else. Swimming in this hive of heavenly sin, she squeezes harder and rides me as if she were against the clock. The day is almost done. Night is seconds away—the same few seconds it will take for me to come. Perhaps my ejaculation will give birth not only to a new moon but something more. It might appease the seedy one in the sky, who in turn could take it upon themselves to shine a light on the day that awaits us on the other side. But only after they’ve caught a glimpse of Meeko’s naughty bits, and seen the eruption of my white stuff mirroring the whiteness of the fast-approaching moon.

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